Pre Purchase Visual Timber Pest Inspection
Regular Visual Timber Pest Inspection

The Australian Standard 3660 recommends that homes and other structures have at least annual termite inspections and more often in high risk areas such as properties who have had previous damage or properties that are in close proximity to bushland.

. 80% of Australian homes are at risk of termite attack
. On average termites live in every 3rd property
. More than 150,000 homes are damaged by termites each year

Purchasing a house is a large investment and for a minimal cost of this our licensed and experienced Pest Inspector will conduct a thorough and professional Pre-Purchase Visual Timber Pest Inspection using the latest detecting equipment including Termatrac, Moisture Meters, Boroscopes, and Thermal Imaging Camera.

Termites, borers and wood decay can severely damage a property and repairing the damage can be costly. The advice from a Pest Inspector could prevent you from buying a house that is damaged and save you thousands.

We inspect all accessible areas of the property - subfloors spaces, roof spaces, interior, exterior of the property, sheds, outbuildings and fences. And we provide you with a written report. This report can either be faxed, emailed or posted to you directly or a solicitor/conveyancer of your choice.

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